Benjamin Bixby = The Dopest Name in Fashion….period.

Andre 3000 has done it again.  One of the most fashionably creative men in the world, André Benjamin, just showcased his new line Benjamin Bixby last week in NYC at the world renowned Barneys. Aside from having the dopest name in the fashion world [Billionaire Boys Club step off!], the line is very well thought out and has a lot of promise.  The name alone gets 10 points right from the jump.  Benjamin Bixby?  The name is just so smooth.  Smoove like a mink….or eggs.

Still keeping true to his preppy style that he started with fellow ATLer, Fonzworth Bentley, Benjamin said to be also inspired by football players from the 1930s, which is why the collection has a collegiate theme.

Benjamin chose a hot air balloon as the logo because “the customer doesn’t know where he’ll land.” I’m sure you know coming from André Benjamin that this line will not be for you Jim Jones/Ed Hardy/white v-neck types. This line will be consisting of, and I’m sure not limited to, preppy wool sweaters, corduroy blazers, high waist trousers, dress shirts, and polos.  This line will definitely be for the fashion forward, because influences have shifted from the retro 80s inspired clothes to quality threads of the pre 1970s and Europe in the 1960s. If you don’t believe me peep Kanye at the VMAs?

Benjamin Bixby should be hitting Barneys this fall.  Will you be rocking it???

3 thoughts on “Benjamin Bixby = The Dopest Name in Fashion….period.”

  1. 3 Stacks goes hard, no matter what he does; the silver screen, lyricism and flow, and being way ahead of his time in fashion. It’s funny that this time, being ahead of his time means actually digging into the past of American and European culture. The rugby shirts are sick, but I don’t know how receptive the hip hop community will be for the high trousers. Who knows? No one ever thought they’d see “gangstas” in True Religion, H&M, and American Apparel.

  2. Word Hazefield! You can tell he really put a lot of time and effort into this line. From what I read, he visited Italian factories and Parisian textile fairs. Just like his acting, he really researches his characters. Unlike homeboy 50 who can’t even play himself.

  3. lol 50 can’t play himself even though he’s always “playing” himself

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