Big Pooh ft. Joe Scudda and Chaundon- Plastic Cups

When I hear a Jay Dee instrumental, no matter what it is, the only  criticism that I have it that I wish it could play longer cause a 1 minute 30 seconds ain’t enough.  If it were up to me, they’d all be at least 3 min, rapper or no rapper.  Which brings me to “Gobstopper”**, an instrumental off of Donuts which held a special place in my heart. [lol, along with “Time”]   When I first heard it I said, “Gee, I wish there was a song to this”

And about a year later, it was answered–kind of.  On Jay Electronica’s “Abracadabra”.  He went in thorough  and it left me keeping that track on repeat about 4x each listen.

But leave it to Big Pooh, Scudda and Chaundon to give the people [me and like 1 other person]  what they want.  What can I say about this track? It’s great and they all keep it clever enough without going over peoples’ heads–which is very hard nowadays; apparently.  We can’t wait for the album!!

For Now Here’s the Mixtape:

Rapper Big Pooh and DJ Warrior – “Rapper’s Delight Mixtape [2008]


** For Those Who Care:  The Original Sample to Gobstopper

Luther Ingram, “To The Other Man” [’round 2:07]

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