Re-Educate Ya Self On…Kardinal Offishall

This is another example of why the MAN keeps good music away from people.  First off, I am a Firestarter /Fire and Glory owner.  When I saw Canadian rapper Kardinal Offishall had hooked up with Akon, I was like word? How is that gonna work?  Then I heard “Dangerous” and I was like word? So that’s how it worked!……

Just on a whim and a shred of hope I copped “Not 4 Sale” [Came out on the 9th], and I was surprised.  Way to pimp the system Kardi! He hasn’t sold out in the least; [I guess hence the title?]  And for those who are first time listeners–this dude has paid his dues!  He spits lyrical darts, and his production credits are nothing to mess with.  This here ladies and gentleman is TALENT.  Raw Talent.

I’m not going to post the whole album out of RESPEK, but please find the hottest track on the album below [Honorable Mentions: Set It Off ft. Clipse, Go Home w/ You ft. T-Pain, Do Me A Favour ft. Estelle]:

Kardinal Offishall–“Lighter”, Track 15

*Bonus* For You Reggae Heads

Kardinal Offishall–“Nina”, Track 9

And for those of you just getting to know him, please listen to:

Kardinal Offishall – Intro [Limited Time Only Mixtape]



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  1. i remember when this young lady i went to highschool was telling me about this dude. she even put me up on bakardi slang. lol

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