What THE MAN won’t let you hear…Shad

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I never understood how Canada and the United States have two completely different music scenes.  Especially when there is no OCEAN between our countries.  With that being said, I always seem to find the craziest MCs and music from Canada and it boggles my mind why they don’t get any love here.  The only reason I can come up with is… THE MAN.

Case in point:  One of the illest rappers I’ve heard in awhile, Shadrach Kabango [Shad] is doing his thing right now.  On the American side of things, I can liken him to the perfect medium between Rhymefest and Talib Kweli, funny and clever mixed with real political and global issues.  Check him out on his myspace and get to know him a little more; in the meantime leave some comments, what do ya think?

Shad – “The Old Prince Still Lives At Home”

No Explanation Needed 🙂

Shad – “I Don’t Really Like To”

Sit Back and Let It Marinate.

This will definitely not be the last update on him.  He’s released 2 albums already, his latest, “The Old Prince” was released October 07 and re-issued in Japan April 08.  I know they are both imports so you may not want to shell out for the hard copies–that’s understandable -[to some degree].

So for now, if you like what you hear, go support him on Itunes or Amazon, or take a listen to the album right now, I dare you to tell me that the first 3 tracks don’t have you sold.

4 thoughts on “What THE MAN won’t let you hear…Shad”

  1. Wow….I really dig this guy. you can tell he’s having fun. videos are dope too. i will be downloading his album asap

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