Whatever Happened To… Sun N.Y.??

To kick of the “What Ever Happened To…” series, I must start off with a dude who I think was seriously slept on when he came out…AND cause he’s from Rochester (Upstate), NY. [Albany what up?]

Sun N.Y.  – “Soul of a Hustler”

To refresh your memory, he came out around Fall 05′. And for those of us who still watched 106 and Park back then, he was KILLIN Freestyle Fridays and went into the Hall of Fame I think. Long story short, he was signed to SoSo Def and came out with 2 videos and 2 singles and no album. One of them was completely whack, [think Da Brat on a beach, but a guy version] and the other was a fuckin masterpiece. It got a lot of mixtape love, and at least every DJ from New York had it in their mixshow. The production, the artistry…It was all there. I said to myself, this dude just might have a chance.  We waited for the album or a follow up third single.   But nope. As fast as he came out, the faster he disappeared. So where is Sun NY now?

According to his myspace:

Since his album “Overnight Celebrity” was never released SunN.Y. parted ways with Virgin Records The parent company at the time for SOSODEF. He’s released numerous mixtapes and is doing shows nationwide. He is currently a Fix Ya’ Face/ Shadyville aphilliate. HipHop is a way of life. Something you do regardless. And thats the way of life SunN.Y. lives and breathes. All I can say is that The Sun is out.. Global warming is amongst us…. Prepare for evaporation for there is no evacuation.

So it turns out he’s been it Atlanta all along doin his 1,2 thing… Ironically enough, there’s a track on his myspace entitled “Where U Been”.  The latest track I’ve found was a Ne-Yo “Closer” remix [round 1:30], it ain’t “Soul of A Hustler”, but we’ll see what he’s got left in him.

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  1. he still with so so def?

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