What the MAN won’t let you hear…Sway

And no Im not talkin about the Wake Up Show/MTV  VJ either.

Sway [aka Sway DaSafo]

No matter what time it is in the United Kingdom, New York is always 5 hours behind.  LOL, you can say that they’re always ahead of the game.  LOL, not really but figuratively they are.  Their hip hop scene is very different from the United States.  If you listen to a basic a top 10 countdown on UK Urban Radio, you’ll hear a dance hall track, a Kanye Joint, a 50 joint, some crunk, some southern screw, some Grime, some Bhangra even Drum and Bass; anything and everything within those 10 tracks.

The reason for this? Who knows but my guess is geography.  So many countries squished together in once space, you’re bound to come up with some interesting sounds.  In comes Sway; I first heard this cat back in the day [2006] when all I listened to was Copenhagen’s DR Hip Hop , Brixton’s Choice FM, and a host of other streaming radio sites.  They seemed to like him in Germany i would hear “blah blah blah freestyle Sway blah blah”  and I’ve had my eye on him ever since.

Saturday Night Hustle

Lucky for you it’s not too late to get to know him.  Readily available on Itunes today is the second single on his forthcoming album “The Signature” [Drops Oct. 6th] it’s called “Saturday Night Hustle” and it features, UK singer Lemar.**  His style is just fun and insightful.  He can make a club joint and then he can talk about doesmetic abuse.  It’s a little hard to place him on the American rapper scale, but i will say if you like Lupe, Nerd, Kanye, or MF Doom then you totally won’t hate him [you may not love him though] .  He has some dance hall flavor too even though he’s a Ghanaian Brit.

Sway – Black Stars off of The Dotted Line Mixtape

Sway produces a good percentage of his own music.  Some Hip Hop fans may not take well to it because the beats are a little distracted and broken.  For those of looking to hear something new, his may be the sound you’re looking for.

Sway ft. $tush – F UR  X
The first single of his upcoming album, a witty song of he said,she said.  Featured in the video are the cast from UK films Kidulthood and Adulthood.

Sway – Fashion Flo/Up Your Speed
This track was off of his first album.  Up Your speed at the end is kinda hard body…

For those who care:
“Saturday Night Hustle” samples the song:

“Saturday Day Love” by Cherelle ft. Alexander Oneal