Johnson and Jonson stayin Bout It, Bout It….Sept. 23

Johnson and Jonson, self titled album Releasing September 23rd!!!

So Ya Boy Blu has been staying busy in 2008. Since his 2007, debut solo album “Below the Heavens [arguably one of the best hip hop albums made in the new millennium], he has rapidly made a name for himself on these internet streets. Backed by DJ Exile [arguably one of the most slept on producers easily comparable to a Premiere or Rock], he has released [or leaked?] a slew of singles and rarities including a few tracks he’s produced himself. Meanwhile he was working on two projects, both long awaited.

Johnson and Jonson is the group comprised of Blu and producer Mainframe [their real names are John and Jon] In the middle of 07, there was a rumored album called “Powers and Oils” with the single “Bout It, Bout It” but it was never released, [I got it anyway, aww yeah].

In April, he teamed up with Detroit Producer/Rapper Ta’Raach to release “Piece Talks” under the group name C.R.A.C Knuckles [Collect Respect Anna Check] pronounced as “it’s not Crack it’s CRASS BITCH!” With the release that notable album, fans were left wondering, Whatever became of the Johnson and Jonson project?
J and J

The Johnson and Jonson project is back on track and it’s coming out September 23rd. Mainfraime has notably different sound than Exile so it should be interesting to see how Blu reacts on the tracks. I’ll let ya’ll know in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can hear some of the material [the whole album?] on their Myspace page.