Outerspace release on September 30th….

OuterSpace – “Who?” [SnowGoons Production]

There’s Hip Hop Out of Philly, Not Associated with The Roots?!!  Yep!

Outerspace is releasing their fourth album God’s Fury.  This Philadelphia duo is comprised of MCs Planetary [Planet] and Crypt [the Warchild]. Their first single “What The Future Holds“, is eerily melodic with an echoing sample produced by Davyd Done.

Another track off the album entitled “Gods and Generals 2” feat. Des Devious & King Syze is the kind of sound I’m normally used to from them [they were my fight music].

When I was coming up, it was extremely hard to keep track of groups like Outerspace who have such close ties to other groups IE Jedi Mind Tricks. The beauty of the underground is that there’s so much camaraderie between groups and acts that sometimes it can get confusing.  Back in the day when there was no Myspace or Wikipedia, and your group’s album wasn’t available on Itunes, it was hard to keep track.  It took me awhile to figure out that Outerspace, was different from Jedi Mind Tricks, who was different from 7L and Esoteric who was then different from Demigodz, but who were all the same when they were Army of the Pharaohs.


Army Of The Pharaohs “Tear It Down”