Paper Planes: The Remixes…EXTRAVAGANZA!*updated

So if you don’t know who M.I.A is  don’t worry about it.  If you haven’t ever heard Paper Planes before, you’re wrong, because you have in some capacity.

So, a little background on the song.  Paper Planes is third single off of M.I.A’s second album Kala which was released  over a year ago. To me, the track is certainly not new. Produced by Diplo, it was released as a single in February and since then it has been gaining notoriety to “non-M.I.A.” fans.  Which leaves us with the Paper Planes Remix MEGAPOST EXTRAVAGANZA!!

We’ve Collected around 20 different remixes to compile the the Top 10 list. Please note that blends [Red and Meth version, Lil Wayne and Jody Breeze Version] were not included, because this is about people doing the song based off of the beat alone.

1.    Bun B. and Rich Boy

This remix right here is one of the few, “official official” ones and all I can say is that they both did more than justice to the song.  It gets the number one spot, for both of their deliveries, the lyrics and the overall smoothness, I haven’t heard Bun B go in like this since the “Underground Kingz Album” and Rich Boy spit hard. What can I say, I have a bias for women personifying guns.

2.    Trey Songz

Trey Songz has the wonderful gift of taking popular songs and completely reinterpreting them. With Paper Planes it’s no exception, even the producer/s of the track think that it’s the best version out there.  That means something right?

3.    Esso

Get familiar with this dude, I have a feeling he’s that “next big thing”.  I’ve never heard him on a whack track.  He consistently gives a solid performance and never half asses in the booth.  His version gets the bronze for originality, flow and not just pasting his 16 bars on it. By the way he has a new mix tape out, The Gardens

4.    Rock City – Ride For Obama

No Matter who you voting for, you cannot deny that this song is catchy as hell.  The Konvict Music dancehall group from the Virgin Islands [can they vote in the US?] completely made this song their own with a great message.  You almost forget that it’s a remix.

4b.    Kardinal Offishall [last minute write in]

The remixes just keep coming in folks.  Kardinal decided to make an all out dancehall spin on this track, it wasn’t as catchy as Rock City, but it did get the job done.

5.    Rick Ross

Regardless of what he does or did as a profession, there’s nothing you can take away from his flow.  He is truly an original emcee and I’d be lying if i said, “I never walked down the streets with Paper Planes in my head and replaced the lyrics with All I Wanna Do A Zooma Zoom Zoom Zoom and a Boom Boom

6.    Freeway

He was a beast!!  If it wasn’t for the Zoom Zoom line, Freeway would’ve easily been #5.

6b. Kid Cudi [last minute write in]

With Kid Cudi, you never know what you’re going to get.  This up and comer out of Kanye’s G.O.O.D. music camp took his hand at the beat and made for a solid performance.  It’s just that everyone above him did a littler better.

7.    Young Chris [Young Gunz]

I was surprised that Young Chris would even be on this, but when you’re inspired, you’re inspired.  He definitely delivered a solid 16.

8.    Rye Rye and Afrikan Boy

Another “official remix”.  I’m not gonna sit here and tell you I knew who Rye Rye [Gold Hat] or Afrikan Boy was, however, I wasn’t disappointed when I listened and found out. I’m going to keep an out on Rye Rye she came kinda hard body.  I’ll pass on Afrikan Boy until he gives me something else, maybe it just wasn’t his beat.

9.    50 Cent

I don’t know if I expected 50 to come through on this track or not.  He kinda did.  With this cat nowadays, I refuse to get my hopes up, but i remember there was a time when he would always beast on a track.

10.    Jim Jones

I was nice cause I ain’t put him at the bottom with all of the Youtubers [i should ha].  I kept him in the top 10 out of respect for his hustle. Euro vs. Dollars. But, don’t ever disrespect a beat like that again. LOL, ya’ll know I’m playin right?  But seriously.

Youtube Stars:

Muja Messiah ft. M.anifest:
“Knick Knack, Patty Whack, Click Clack, Bang Baaang” I like these dudes, they did their thing. They’re from Minneapolis!? Where Prince is from? Woooow.

Gio Soprano
Moxy Monster
Lil Spoony
D Pryde
KC Elite

This cat goes at the bottom of the list because don’t Know what to make of him. He could genuinely believe in his message, but i have a hard time believing someone who conveys important political messages wearing sunglasses and wifebeaters.

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  1. Yo, this post right here?? Right here, this post though? Beautiful!

    But I can’t say I’m feeling Trey Songz. Pause. I never heard of Esso, but I’d like to see him top Trey…no homo.

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