Obama? McCain? Nope. MURS for President!

MURS For President is out Next Week! September 30th!!

MURS- “Better Than The Best” – 2008

If there is one guy who has paid dues and respects to the Underground Gods, its MURS. Now if you haven’t heard of MURS, its not too late; but just know that he isn’t some fly by night, neon pink hipster rapper. He’s been doing his thing for a long time now and it’s nice to see him actually get some shine on his first major label release.

He’s been out since 97′ according to my collection and since then he has released 6 Solo albums, and 12 collaborations, including the critically acclaimed projects with producer 9th Wonder [Murs 3:16, The 9th edition and Murray’s Revenge] and Atmosphere’s Slug as the group Felt [A Tribute to Christina Ricci and A Tribute to Lisa Bonet]

So, what he be about?
Well, as an avid listener I can tell you Murs is witty, clever, funny and serious at times. His albums are a reflection of his state of mind at the time and as his earlier work can seem rather campy, over the years you can hear his progression. On his upcoming album, fans of the underground Murs will not be disappointed with his major label affiliation and new fans will get a chance to hear what us backpackers have been enjoying for years.
MURS- Can It Be

Oldies But Goodies after the jump:

Murs – “L.A.” – 2006

Murs- “Bad Man” – 2004

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