Whatever Happened to…..Bathgate

It was the year 2000…the turn of the millennium and a changing time in Hip Hop, Outkast released Stankonia which brought them the mainstream spotlight, DMX was at the top of his game, Big Pun died of a heart attack, Eminem had released the Marshal Mathers LP, Jay-Z and Dame were together and the Roc was as strong as ever. It was also a pivotal time when new artists were beginning to emerge, Nelly released Country Grammar and you heard and saw Fabolous featuring on every R&B song and every mixtape out.

One dude that got swept through the cracks was Bathgate. Representing Harlem, he was known for freestyles and mixtape appearances; a style almost identical to Fabolous. [which it is rumored that Bathgate wrote some tracks for him] His first commercial single “Fuck That” [Bump That, $2.00 to whoever can find out who produced it ha] got decent radio play and video rotation, so what went wrong?

…major corporate restructuring at Virgin on the eve of the album’s release, resulting in much of the label’s roster being dropped and key staff being laid off, left no one to properly work the album.
With his label situation in disarray, but several tracks bangin’ on the streets, Bath stayed focused on music. He was a headline performer on Funkmaster Flex’s College Tunnel Tour with Jadakiss, appeared on Volume 3 of Flex’s well-respected vinyl-only Big Truck Series Freestyle EP’s, was featured in the soundtrack to the Project Gotham video game and wrote songs for others including Puffy, Trina, Amil (and a few others who shall remain nameless). source

So what is he up to now? He has a new single available on Itunes entitled “Pockets Full of Money” Listen streaming below

Bathgate- Pockets Full Of Money

Bathgate @ Myspace