“Genres are for pussies…”– The Knux

“…It’s for people who don’t have enough balls to do their own shit, so they latch onto these minigenres and hope that it’s going to be a movement.” source

Such a true statement from a most unusual Rap crew. Unfortunately, for people who have never heard of the The Knux, I must place them somewhere and I will place them in Alternative Hip Hop for now; until we live for the day when the alternative rap scene can become mainstream like in Berlin somewhere but until that day that is where The Knux will remain.

We can’t say indie because they’ve been signed to Interscope Records since 2006 and are set to release their debut album “Remind Me in 3 Days” on October 28th.  The duo of brothers originally out of New Orleans are now representing Cali  have released their follow up single “Bang! Bang!” which is available on Itunes.

The Knux – Bang! Bang!

Video and Audio of their first single Cappuccino after the jump.

The Knux – Cappuccino

The Knux – Cappuccino

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  1. these dudes were just in the last mass appeal mag

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