It’s September 30th, Do You Know Where Your Hip Hop is?

So I’m going to try my best to keep you all abreast [ha] of  weekly underground and indie hip hop releases.  In the music industry, Tuesday is the day for album releases; don’t ask me why, but I think it has something to do with Billboard Magazine, shipping schedules and your mom.  Anyway, every Tuesday is when albums get released, and right here is your spot to check out all of the indie releases.  [Well not all of them, but the best ones, ones that I haven’t touch upon before are coming in later posts.]

MURS – Murs For President

Check out our previous post, this dude has paid dues!
Heltah Skelthah – D.I.R.T. [Da Incredible Rap Team]

Check out our earlier review and go support! DUCK DOWN!!
DJ Revolution – King of the Decks [Physical]

If you go to his myspace, check out the ill artwork for King of the Decks with all contributing artists on cards…its pretty fly.
Termanology – Politics as Usual

Check out his EPK and our previous entry!!
Outerspace – God’s Fury

Check Out Our Previous Entry!

Look Daggers- Suffer in Style [2 CD]

Coming out of Long Beach from other bands, MC 2Mex and Ikey Owens on the Beats. If you like Hip Hop and live bands, check em out!
Restiform Bodies – TV Loves You Back
Restiform Bodes – Pick It Up, Drop It

I like these dudes, it’s not for everyone but for who its for, check em out!