It’s Tuesday Oct. 7th, Do You Know Where Your Hip Hop is?

So it’s a Tuesday, in the midst of what is a most interesting 4th quarter in the music game. While major labels are crossing their fingers on their cash cow artists, the Indie/Underground scene as always, prepares for their releases very nonchalantly on the knowledge that they don’t have to rush and cash in on first week or even first month sales. All of us underground heads know that the shelf life of a remarkable Underground classic is measured in MONTHS, YEARS and tours. With that being said, I look forward to seeing all these cats in the months ahead on the road.

Like always, here are today’s dopest, funk doobiest, indie/alternative releases, with more in depth coverage on artists we haven’t featured, Enjoy!

Jake One – White Van Music
Check our earlier post with some of the tracks featured for download!


Sway DaSafo – The Signature LP
Of course no American media is covering this release, but but trust me on this, the MAN does not want you to hear this album because it’s sick…but of course we covered it…

MF DOOM – Operation Doomsday [Re-Issue]
I am one of the chosen few who actually brought this album when it came out. [99′ or 00′ i think] Do I have an original? I don’t know. What I DO know is that ever since I seen that they were goin for $50.00 – $100 dollars on Amazon, I burned myself a copy and have never played the original disc since.
MF DOOM – Dead Bent

Finally after 800 years of rumors about the re-issue [since the 2001 edition], it is finally upon us. When I introduce MF DOOM to anyone who has never heard him I give them this album and Madvillain and I wind up converting them all, Muahahaha! ALL CAPs bitches.

KMDBl-Ck B-St-Rds
It took 7 years for the 1994′ album to see the light of day and another 7 for the 2001 edition to be re-issued again. for any MF DOOM it’s must have in the collection it shows his lyrical progression from being Zev Love X to MF DOOM, Viktor Vaughn or any other of his 15 alter egos. For Golden Era fans, the production on this joint is still relevant and the rhymes reflect the sign of the times. I’m not even gonna lie, when I was younger I always got KMD and X-Clan mixed up, go figure—I think it was the nose rings?

Yo Majesty – Futuristically Speaking: Never Be Afraid
You know, I hate it when the topic of female MC’s come up. Is there a disproportionate number of male to female MC’s, yes. Does that mean there aren’t any Femcee’s worth talking about? Hell no. There are plenty acts out there doing their thing and Yo Majesty is one of them. As I type this they’re touring in Europe right now and you probably never even heard of them. Here’s your chance, because their album has just been released today.

WARNING!! If you don’t like “weird” music, then I suggest you don’t bother to listen, however if you’re open to musical genre’s come and “Stimulate Yo Mind Maaaan”. If you coming out of New York, you prolly won’t get their music, it’s infused with a lot of Booty Bass, Chicago House, and even some Drum and Bass can be comparable to UK Grime at times. You know you heard this shit on your road trip through Baltimore or down there in Tampa….lol, Get Familiar.
Highlights -Don’t Let Go, Booty Klap, Hott, Take It Away
Cypress Hill – Original Album Classics
So chick you met is obsessed with Cypress Hill and you have to do some heavy cramming if you want to impress her with your knowledge of B-Real’s nasal flow…Well first, YO PUNK ASS should’ve know better already. But if you happen to be from Queens and the West Coast Group just never caught on to you, then never fear, released today is Original Album Classics from 5 of their most successful albums including Cypress Hill/Black Sunday/Cypress Hill III/IV/Stoned Raiders. It s 5 Disc Set for 30 bucks with all of their classic songs, a must have if you’re just learning or a hardcore fan.

Cypress Hill – Kill A Man

Cypress Hill – Illusions