People Under The Stairs – Fun DMC

People Under The Stairs – The Wiz

So I first got put on to People Under The Stairs [PUTS] waaay back when on a little track they called OST [Original Soundtrack] off of their album of the same name in ’02. From there, I back tracked and copped their first release which had a little gem that I listened to atleast once a week for about 2 years, San Francisco Knights .

People Under The Stairs – Fun

But Enough reminiscing, right now, they’ve got a new album–their 6th–accompanied by their first video ever?? Real Talk. Fun DMC, has all of the PUTS you know and love, and the difference, I would say is that they’re a little older. So although the humor and jokes are still there, they got kinda grown on a few songs, which is understandable. They went from a teenage de la soul/tribe sound to a more Jurassic 5 grown man sound, which is all good if you ask me. Fun DMC is available now, in the 4th quarter.
Highlights: Love’s Theme, Same Beat, Letter 2 C/O Bronx, The Grind, Gamin On Ya and Fun

The Wiz & Gaming On Ya for Download after the jump.

People Under The Stairs – The Wiz

People Under The Stairs – Gamin On Ya
This track right here….nah but this track right here?