It’s Tuesday, Oct. 14th….Do You Know Where Your Hip Hop Is?

It’s that time again ladies and gentleman, I swear it’s like Festivus once a week here, so many good new releases…
The Mighty Underdogs – Droppin’ Science Fiction

The Mighty Underdog’s album “Droppin’ Science” has finally dropped and it been long worth the wait. We covered this release in an earlier post, but we have some extra tracks for download. The album is a perfect balance of old school, new school and true school.
Highlights: Hands In The Air, So Sad ft. Julian and Damien Marley, Escape ft. Mr. Lif and Akrobatik, UFC Remix, Want You Back [mandatory chick joint], Science Fiction and Victorious
Mighty Underdogs – Victorious

Mighty Underdogs – Science Fiction

Trae Tha Truth and Laroo The Heavy Hitter after the Jump

Trae tha Truth – The Beginning

Being that I’m from New York, when it comes to Southern Rappers, I can get very fickle, sorry ya’ll but can you blame me? I rep the Golden Age to the fullest and that includes Southern Artists as well. If an artist doesn’t remind me of the Geto Boyz, they pretty much fall on deaf ears. So I was introduced to Trae Tha Truth, through his cousin Z-Ro’s “The Life of Joseph W. McVey” album. I didn’t pay much attention to Trae cause I figured he was one of those deep voice, entourage, studio rappers. It wasn’t until recently on the Smile track that I actually gave him a real listen. He’s released his 5th solo album, today entitled “The Beginning” It’s typical Trae, it’s more than just gangsta rap, its very somber and thought provoking at the same time, with some nice beats to ride to.
Highlights: Against The World, G Code, My life, Watch Ova Momma, Whit Bricks

Trae – G Code

Laroo the Hard Hitter – The Corporation

Laroo ft. San Quinn – Sound Stage

If only BET Uncut was still on. I feel like I would’ve seen a video of Laroo’s and loved it. Unfortunately we got to work with what we got and by looking at a few of his videos on youtube, I took a chance copped this album on a whim. It wasn’t completely garbage at all, in fact it was pretty dope. The production was on point, it wasn’t too Bay for me and his album rides pretty smooth. Imagine if Young Jeezy and E-40’s catalogs got together and made a love child, that child would be The Corporation by Laroo. [ha]
Highlights: Top Floor, New Episode, 20 Bricks, Put Me On [mandatory chick song], Sound Stage, and Where She At