…Still Got My Nike Boots

Over the last few years Nike has been big on hybrid sneakers, using materials and designs from multiple kicks to spawn a superior sneaker child. So it’s no surprise, (alright maybe it’s a little surprising, I mean these shits are flashy), when Nike combines the famous Foamposite with the east coast winter favorite, the Goadome, to create an offspring named the Foamdome. To back up the boot as a viable winter choice, the inside of the boot is lined with Outlast material to ensure a perfect temperature and moisture balance. Pretty dope huh?

Release date is set for late November/early December, just in time for those fucked up New York winters (damn it’s getting too close). But you may want to start saving bank now or ask for these as a Crit-Ma present, because suggested retail prince is $225.

The black joints are sooooo pretty…….

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