Samuel L. Jackson = Sho Nuff?!!

This isn’t music related at all. but Godammit it’s great effin’ news!!

Jackson will play Sho’Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, a role played in the original by the late Julius Carry, whose spiel included asking ego-driven questions like “Am I the baddest mofo lowdown around this town?” Each time his gang of thugs answered, “Sho’Nuff!”

Columbia Pictures‘ updated plot will be along the same lines of the original, centering on young martial arts student Leroy Green in his quest through the streets of New York to achieve the highest level of martial arts accomplishment, known as the Last Dragon. Those who achieve the high ranking possess the Glow, making them the greatest fighter alive.


First of all, RIP Julius Carry III.  I am not gonna front and pretend like this shit isn’t a big deal, I ain’t been this excited since Nas dropped Ether!  Not only is it a remake of one of the best movies every made in the history of movies [I kid]; you got SAMUEL L. JACKSON playin SHO NUFF !!???? WORD?  Opening Night, Midnight show, I’m there.  First the Fat Boys get back together, now this? I told ya’ll it’s a good omen!

4 thoughts on “Samuel L. Jackson = Sho Nuff?!!”

  1. first off-fuck ether
    secondly-i dunno how i feel about this man. i love sam jackson, he is an icon, no bullshit, but Berry gordys the last dragon is one of my favorite movies of all time. its classic, timeless, wouldnt change anything about it. so its gonna be real hard for the remake to top the original……i just have a bad feeling bout this shit

  2. ^^^Stop lying, you know after Nas dropped Ether [whether you liked it or not], you was counting the hours before you heard Jay’s comeback! That shit was exciting. don’t be mad cause Hova came back with whack ass Super Ugly…

    on another note, i feel you, this could be a really really bad remake, but im still excited nonetheless…i feel like w/ Sam Jack they’re on the right track, now the question is…whose gonna play Leroy [better not be Michael Jai White], Vanity [better not be Ashanti]. Eddie Arcardian better be like that dude from Entourage Jeremy Piven…..

    we’ll just have wait and see….im still excited tho! lol

  3. maaaaaaan fuck ether…..still think jay won that battle
    is sam gonna take martial arts lessons?

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