Q Da Kid…that dude from TAG Records

Q da Kid – On Mission ft. Jermaine Dupri [prod. by No ID and JD]
*Please delete Dupri out of the damn song–But Special Big ups to the Director: Jessy Terrero, this video is fuckin’ beautiful, all of his videos are…. nuff said.

Download: Q da Kid – On A Mission [prod. by No ID and JD]
From day one, I still feel some type a way about the whole “Tag Records” thing. I swear, everything about it is just wrong. I’m am a student of Marketing and Promotions, and I completely understand the science of it., but, I feel like sometimes you gotta draw the line somewhere. Come On People, you don’t find it the least bit strange that Proctor and Gamble is trying get they Hip Hop money in one huge product placement campaign???? “Keep it Fresh [literally], Make History” word?

But regardless of all that, you can’t refute that Q da Kid, lyrically is a beast–period. And although he’s in Atlanta now, he’s BK all day. And it’s not like this opportunity was just given to him either…before all this he was a part of the group call Da Franchise [No DemBoyz], waay back when, you can find tracks from them on both Violator Albums, Vol 1. and Vol. 2. And the fact he negotiated himself out of his groups’ fucked up deal is noteworthy to me.  Who was in the group you ask??  RED CAFE and GRAVY!!! [Word!!!?]He’s not one of those artists to bitch and complain about what his label didn’t do or what his label did do…So i got to give him props; this lets us know that he aint just a pawn in Proctor and Gambles’ scheme, he peep game from way back; he’s smart so we’ll see how that album look like when it drops. In the meantime, hope dude is okay, considering that he got shot the other week. In a press statement released 10/23/08—-

Sources say Q just completed a phone call and began to pull off when an unidentified vehicle circling the parking lot blocked the exit confirming Q’s suspicion that he was being targeted. Q put his car in reverse when he noticed a second unidentified vehicle blocking his path.

That’s when the first suspect jumped out his vehicle with his gun drawn attempting to force Q out of his car. When Q refused to get out of his car the gunman opened fire and Q ducked below his dashboard and pressed down on his accelerator to drive the car forward forcing the gunman to move.

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Download: Q da Kid  – Magic Freestyle