The MAN is at it Again! Warrant on Mos Def? Word?

Alright so I was reluctant to post this story, but this is not a totalitarian state and the people must know.  I swear we can’t have nothing!!!  They tell me; they says, you can have a black president— but only if we put a warrant out for Mos Def’s arrest!? [lol I keed] First, the crazy stripper/wife shit, now this.  So if you ain’t  know, awhile back at Magic [Biggest US Fashion Trade show] Mos Def ALLEGEDLY went off on some photographer who took his picture like a retarded kid that snapped [offensive? o well.]

A spokesman for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department tells E! News that Mos Def is specifically wanted on charges of felony robbery and malicious destruction of private property.

The warrant, issued under the 34-year-old entertainer’s real name, Dante Terrell Smith, accuses him of getting violent toward Volker Corell, who was credentialed to snap photos for the Men’s Apparel and Garment Industry Convention (MAGIC) last August.


The only good news to come of this, is that we know his album is dropping February 9th, [10 days before all stations go digital, Ha!] and dude is playin Chuck Berry in the flick Cadillac Records.  i feel like he can pull it off–Firstly, he’s already a fan, we know this on Rock and Roll.  Second, he performed the hell out of  his character in Lackawanna Blues, and we’ve all seen the Racial Draft, so he should have no problems; I think homie starting to like the conk.

**And for ya’ll who missed it—

Mos Def  – Life In Marvelous Times prod. Mr. Fash [Full]

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