The Death of Adam

88 Keys – True Feelings [Off The Adam’s Case Files Mixtape, D/L on the sidebar]
Directed by: Computer Beach Party, this video is really poetic, not what I had in mind, but it goes with the song so seamlessly, very beautiful.

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Okay, as a fans and listeners, we’re often put in predicaments where we’re treated as if we’re incompetent in understanding an artists’ vision. I kind felt that way while listening to 88 Keys’ Kanye West executive produced,  debut album, The Death of Adam. It dropped November 11, and the past week I’ve been giving it a listen at least probably once a day, trying to figure out what I would say about it. I appreciated the concept of the album, but I didn’t appreciate the narrative.

I guess one could argue that The Death of Adam in itself is a narrative album, but I felt like we were cheated; let me explain. DOA is based on the general idea of a character named Adam and his trials and tribulations [pregnancy, STDs, using viagra and redbull, being ‘just friends’ etc.] in trying to lay the pipe, that ultimately leads to his “demise”. Definitely a fresh idea to dedicate a whole Hip Hop album toward that notion, but WHY? Tell me Why!!? Why the chick with the annoying voice??!! Are we not intellectually inclined to be able to follow the storyline without her? I hate her. 88 Keys is reppin’ Harlem, but why she sound like she’s from South Carolina somewhere? She’s not funny, and the album’s entire flow was ruined by her. The track list and lyrics read like a beautiful story but at end of nearly every track you hear HER...

End of Handcuffed, going into Viagra, the song that popped off [ha] last November that got everybody hyped—
The Death of Adam girl who talks on the whole album

Yeah, we get it, it’s called “Viagra[Stay Up]”, no seriously, we ALL get it.

Now with all that being said, the album is not half bad at all, features from Phonte of Little Brother, Kid Cudi [who sang on it], and Redman, gave 88 Keys much needed support.  This dude is a genius on the boards, but sounds like Kanye with the flow–or does Kanye sound like him?—CONSPIRACY!  “Dirty Peaches” a smooth soul track from J’Davey almost had me forget they was talkin about STDs. And Redman and Bilal show their comical stylings on tracks like “The Burning Bush” and “M.I.L.F.”  The beats are great, and I’ve grown to really be a fan of 88 Keys’ prison collect call voice effect.

All in all, it was a great album, but for a debut I think it was a little too contrived.  Yes we’ve heard 88Keys all of these years on the boards, but by him stepping up to the forefront as a artist, I think he hid behind Adam.  Is Adam and 88 Keys the same person?  Maybe, but trying to differentiate where Adam begins and 88 Keys ends, is how Keys uses his safety net to hide, like he’s been hiding these last 10+ years.

88 Keys – Another Victim