A Tale of Two Mikkies

Mikkey Halsted – Liquor Store [prod. 1120] [directed by Rico & Da Visionaryz]
Another beautiful video and poetic ass song.

Download: Mikkey Halsted – Liquor Store [prod. 1120]

The other night, I had an interesting disagreement with this cat who tried to tell me that Mickey Factz was out before Mikkey Halsted. Now being that I’m a living Hip Hop encyclopedia, I knew I was right, but I let the dude plead his case anyway. Conclusion: Mickey Factz came before Mikkey Halsted because he heard of Halsted after Factz.

What type of ass backwards logic is that? That’s like saying the Black Eyed Peas first album was Elephunk or Common got better as an MC on “Be”. That’s the same logic as America wasn’t discovered until Europeans claimed it. Bullshit! I wouldn’t expect him to know that Halsted’s been on Ca$h Money classics like Hood Rich, Big Money, Heavy Weight, or Birdman–but I would think that the self proclaimed Kanye stan, would remember him on the High School Graduate Tape, or on Rhymefest’s Blue Collar which was bumped very heavily in ’06.

Right Now, you can cop his latest mixtape– Uncrowned King hosted by V-Dubb [also in sidebar]

It’s not like he was a forgettable rapper either. Listening to his “older” tracks, he stands out like he always did. But this ladies and gentleman is a case of what goes on too much in the game right now. Bandwagon syndrome. That is all.