“This is the Layover, airport hangar, 6 hours, with a Hangover”–Evidence

Evidence – Far Left ft. Alchemist and Fashawn [prod. Alchemist]
Best video I’ve seen in awhile, it is reminiscent of Common’s Come Close with out all of the warm, pseudo love associations. Big Ups to the director Punit Dhesi

Download: Evidence – Far Left ft. Alchemist and Fashawn [prod. Alchemist]

Still tryin to figure out why this album is called The Layover, besides the title track it really doesn’t go with the album, Encore already did it in 04′ but that’s besides the point. It’s a damn shame that there are still so-called Hip Hop listeners who don’t know nothing about Evidence or Dilated.  I feel sorry for them.  The Layover starts out with a hard, cold sound that continues throughout album.  It’s only 10 tracks deep, but I enjoy short albums as long as every track is bangin’.  This holds true with the Layover.

Evidence – The Layover [prod. Khrysis] [Directed by Jason Goldwatch]

Download: Evidence – The Layover [prod. Khrysis]

There is absolutely no filler in this album whatsoever. Each and every track on this album is crafted well with great beats and even better lyrics to match.  Evidence is joined by Hip Hop’s elite:  Phonte, Blu and Will I am on “For Whom The Bell Tolls”.  Krondon lends his talents on the hook of “Solitary Confinement” and Defari steps in on “Don’t Hate”.  Elzhi goes in on “To Be Determined” and after a soulful singing album, Aloe Blacc actually spits a verse! [could Emanon be coming back? We can only hope]

The Production efforts are split up between The Alchemist, Khrysis [why this dude isn’t playin on every radio station is beyond me], and Evidence himself. DJ Babu and the homies Sid Roams also step in with beats.  All in all, the album is mellow and aggressive at the same time.  Evidence delivers as always and when he gets together with the Alchemist, consider the situation SHUT DOWN.  Not Sure if this is another installment of Decon Media’s CD/DVD packages, but it DOES come with an accompanying DVD  with more videos by Jason Goldwatch, [Worst Come To Worst is still one of my favorite vids.].  Jason Goldwatch also directed Ludacris’ Blueberry Yum Yum, he’s a lucky dude.

Evidence and The Alchemist [Step Brothers] – So Fresh [prod. The Alchemist] [Directed by Antonio Scarlata]

Download: Evidence and The Alchemist [Step Brothers] – So Fresh [prod. The Alchemist]

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