Big Six is Living Proof

Artist: Big Six
Location: Asbury Park, New Jersey
Styles: Streets, Realism, Hustler’s Life, Mellow, Laid Back
Albums/Mixtapes On Deck: Your Next Favorite Rapper  hosted by DJ Lazy K [coming soon]

There are a million and one stories of how to make it in the industry and a million more yet to be told. In these times, it’s hard to tell an artist that a magical chance occurrence [without a reality show] could launch them to their dreams. But that my friends, is exactly what happened when Big Six stepped on the scene at the 2003 Source Awards in Miami. Armed with an ingenious marketing plan and a hustler’s maneuverability, Jersey’s own Big Six is after the crown.

Big Six – Living Proof [prod. J Banga]

The first thing I did, i made up some shirts that had my name on them and where I was from and then I made my CD to have all that on it too.  So when i had went down there, i was in the streets pushin’ or sellin’  them or giving them away…There was a lot of people out there pushing CD’s but a lot of people didn’t have their whole situation together, they were dressed in regular clothes, so it was easier to pick me out of a crowd.  People were seeing me, and I caught the ear of a couple people, and things jumped off when I got back to New York.”

When he got back to New York, he was able to secure a deal with  Nervous Records [looking to build their Hip Hop Catalog again–they released Black Moon’s 1st album Enta Da Stage son!]; but due to some label politics, the deal fell through.  On the flipside, he was able to tour with the likes of Ghostface and Tyrese and learn enough about the biz to launch his own independent label, S&E Records.

So what’s next?  Everything.  Six already has a video out for his current single, Living Proof off of the upcoming mixtape, cleverly titled, “Your Next Favorite Rapper”.  It will prove to be a combination of old and new material and from what I heard, it sounds like it’s going to be very ill, [that Cook Crack joint stayed in my head for like a week!].  “Your Next Favorite Rapper” will be dropping before the year’s end and we shall see if Big Six lives up to the mixtape’s title.

Big Six – Living Proof [prod. J. Banga]