Love LockDown: All Remixes *updated 12.3

*originally posted Sept. 18th

So if you haven’t heard Kanye’s new song Love LockDown, this isn’t the place to hear it. Try a gazillion other sites. What you came here to get is the REMIXES!! Yes ladies and gentleman, there is already a growing number of remixes to the song and HERE at THIS post is where you will have access to all of them. Check back frequently, as more come out, they will be placed here. [Note: these are verse remixes, no offense to the production remixes]

Without further ado here are the Love LockDown Remixes by Rank:


1. Craig David

Who woulda thought Craig David of all people woulda made it to top of the list. Real Talk, he BEASTED.  Granted, it wasn’t a complete  freestyle, [i think the patois was] but just the same–he performed better than a lot of dudes in the studio…ima keep my eye out on this dude again, he was cool with the singing, and his little raps, but lately i thought he was completely dance, but let me find out…..

Download:  Craig David -Love Lockdown Freestyle || Craig David – Tim Westwood TV Full Freestyle

2. Articulate – “You Lose”

Don’t know where this dude, Articulate, came from but he beasted on this track.  He did the track more than justice and took a completely different spin on the melody.  I’ll keep you posted on this dude.   We’ll see if anyone else comes out to take this cat’s spot.

3. Jin

Jin was the first to come out with a Remix to Love Lock Down before the mastered version even hit the net. I must say I never really got into Jin too tough, but this track reminds us why his name always stays around.

4. Apathy

As far as I’m concerned Apathy and Jin are tied at number 2, but he went in hardbody. Apathy has been doin his thing for a minute, solo and with the DemiGodz, but I didn’t expect him to jump on this track in particular. The way he did it, is the only way he knows how…he murdered it! Viva La Underground!

5. Dex

This remix came out much later than all the others, but it allowed Dex to take a different take on the song. An entirely different melody, and we’re feeling it more than Kanye’s original vocoder melody.

The rest of the list…

6. Mike Posner and Brain Trust – “Fucked Up Now”

Hilarious!!!! and is officially my anthem for the next 6 months or so. Mike Posner and Braintrust just had fun with the record and came up with a great track which is actually more believable as a song then the original Love Lockdown lol.

7. Tonedeff – “Warden”

This cat has been on the underground scene for a minute and i always knew him as that dude who could rap as fast as Twista.  I forgot he sang and produced his own stuff too.  He took a slightly different approach to this song and that’s why it worked.

8. Chester the Molester

It’s always entertaining to listen to R. Kelly’s remixes. He sang for some of it and then kicked in the vocoder later. I ain’t mad at him…

9. Trey Songz

I wonder how many times he said “Fuckin” in 2 minutes. This was also a good effort from Trey Songz, it reminded me of that uncle you got who stay drunk and he makes up words to songs that are already out when he’s drunk.  Funny part, is that them lyrics be better than the original and he can also carry a tune when he’s drunk too….what? I’m the only one whose got one?

10. Royce Da 5′ 9″ – “Shot down”

Now this version was guttah! Royce’s performance was lackluster but what saved this track was the melodic gun cocking and shooting.  “I’ll git my brotha shoot you in the face!” Gotta love a good block track.

11. Bynoe- “Shot Down”

This cat right here, neva would thought he’d jump on this track. If you don’t know Bynoe, you do, he’s made appearances on pretty much all of Stack Bundles [RIP] mixtapes and runs with Tha Riot Squad [they just released a new vid] out of Far Rockaway Queens.  He places in the 8th spot for humor, originality, and something else, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it was most likely your mom.

12. Dahlak ft. Nico – “Never Know”

This IS a production remix, but it also has original verses and that’s why it made the list. The production remix was cool, but Dahlak’s verse about L-O-V-E was a little lackluster. Nico actually beasted Dahlak on his own joint. We’ll keep our eye on Dahlak, but if this is supposed to be the first single to his new mixtape, The Commencement, he gonna have to come a little more thorough than that.  In his defense, Dual Consciousness was very ill.

13. AC

The production remix of this track was straight fiyah! But these ranks are based on verse first, and i was surprised at AC, he usually comes with it, but he just dropped his 16 bars and left the building.

14. Bag$

This cat is out of Jamaica Queens. Uhh, it was just as good as the original right? *cough
Stay Tuned for More Remixes.