Children of the Night – 100%

You know what really grinds my gears?  When you have legends and pioneers in the game complain about “the state of Hip Hop” and then call out dudes like Soulja Boy.  If you don’t like something about the game, why highlight the negatives? Or if they don’t do that,  they’ll be like, yeah I’m listening to Jay, Nas, Kanye and T.I..  WTF? I’ve never heard one of the legends say, “yeah the game is twisted right now, but these cats, X, Y, and Z, they doin they thing, keepin that real Hip Hop alive”.  This is why people don’t give old heads respek son! [yall know who im talkin about!]

Children of the Night – Rap Juggernauts
This shit was bumped on repeat ∞….

Exhibit A: Children of the Night. “COTN”[cotton] for short. This trio is a relatively new group, but if just one old head gave them a listen, I think a cosign would be in order. They definitely have that sound that bridges the old and the new so effortlessly. The group consists of 3 mc’s: Versa, Remy Banks & Lansky. They hail from Queens. [They reference the F train a lot, Roosevelt Island & East!] and their debut mixtape album 100% is out and available for download. So what exactly can you expect when you listen to Children of the Night?

Children of the Night – On Our Way
Running up the stairs from the subway….

Well the back of their mixtape states: “a breath of fresh air”, but I’d liken it to a glass of water when you’re thirsty. The mixtape features 14 solid ass tracks. It opens with a smooth ass trumpet sample  from what sounds like Bill Lee [I could be wrong], which sets the tone for the rest of the tape.  The title track 100%, has a soulful funk sound reminiscent of  some old Camp Lo tracks.  Cartunes reminds of some vintage Little Brother, 9th production and all. On Our Way, has a funky electronic sound, while  RS2B, Real Smoove, and Fabric of Our Lives eloquently touches on jazz and a surprise 60’s type track [think hippies running through the grass] polishes the feel of She Said Don’t Go.  Writer’s California, takes you to a Sunday afternoon in your crib.

Children of the Night – 100%

Content wise, New Yorkers stand up!  We all can relate to crowded ass subways, going from work to school, back to work, tumultuous relationships, plus video games, comic books and anime [for us cool nerds] .  Lyrically,  each one of the trio bring a little something different to the album, but they all are on the same book in the same chapter.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?  In time we’ll be able to hear Lansky, Versa and Remy Banks come into their own individually.  It seems that they get a long so well, that there no competition between them for props.  I’ve Never Seen That Before! [ha]  Maybe this means they won’t leave us at the peak of their success like other groups have, here’s hoping.  In the meantime, we got this underground gem:  Children of the Night 100%.

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