D-Black, It’s A New Black City!

His myspace page is [myspace.com/] IMMAPROBLEM, but  his name is D-Black.  The Bronx bred rapper not to be confused with Washington state based rapper D. Black [he was on White Van Music, they should have a battle:  $20k pot, the name, the punctuation and braggin rights….eh, im just sayin though].  You may remember D-Black from such internet takeovers as the “Mr. October” campaign where this dude dropped like 12 tracks for the month of October.  Real talk, I didn’t pay much attention to this cat until he dropped “The Heist”.  I was expecting to hear the track from Big L’s classic, then I saw it was produced by Madlib, then I was expecting the track from Champion Sound [yeah i know Dilla produced it].  To my effin surprise it was More Rice from Madlib’s Beat Konducta in India joint!  I listened…it most definitely reminded me of the old Big L joint with the story telling and dude was right on the money with it.  From then on, I kept a proverbial eye on him, I don’t know how his latest mixtape slipped off my radar.  Dropping this past “Black Friday” [11/28/08], New Black City was hosted by the one and only Mick Boogie and DJ Woof.

D-Black – Dollars Circulate [prod. J Dilla, it was off of Steve Spacek joint Dollarin 04]
No offense to Spacek, but this track needed a beast, it was going to waste….

D-Black makes me optimistic that hardcore hood rap will never become extinct. In an era when you have cats like Asher Roth on the cover of XXL it’s a cause for concern [yeah we said that shit, TheOvun.com, quote us.] The majority of hood dudes trying to grind out there now are lacking two things that D-Black has: 1. Wit. Metaphors like “I Wesley sniped ya” get old real fast. Everybody can rhyme 2 words together, and a lot of people can create allusions too, but it takes a real schmert MC to engage you with his word play. [Must be the 3.8 GPA?] D-Black says that shit you want commit to memory like, “you aimed so high, you lost trust in yourself. You mentally grabbed lotion, started fucking yourself”. 2. A knack for pushing boundaries. Whether it be with his beat selection or his down right honesty, there’s something refreshing about his whole swagger. Not to mention as an added bonus, he’s also a producer. Don’t know if that will help or hinder, but it can definitely explain his beat selection skills….

D-Black – The Come Up ft. Skyzoo [prod. Illmind]
A good meeting of the minds…

New Black City features a host of guest appearances and drops from dudes like Skyzoo, Rapper Big Pooh, and a drop from Sway from the Wake Up Show. If Sway cosigns, you know there’s gotta be something there! Production wise, it’s a hip hop fan’s dream: he’s got Illmind, he’s got Nottz [Queen to be Sample, hilarious], he’s got Khrysis! Does it get anybetter? Along with up and comer Matik, and D-Black his damn self on a few tracks. All in all this tape is good listen, it’s fiyah to get you through this cold fourth quarter…we’ll be on the look out to see what homey got coming up next…..Download the tape HERE

D-Black – Give It Up [prod. D-Black]
Ya niggas been like constipation for me, ya man’s gassed you and he ass too, ya’ll ain’t shit homey…

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  1. thekidkane says:

    after reading your review i decided to check it out for myself. After listening to the entire mixtape I looked back and realized that i did not skip any track. I went back and listened to it and all the tracks are banging. The production is on point and his lyrics are real raw. This “mixtape” sounds more like an album, the interludes and co-signs all go together. This is 1 guy to pay attention to, people show support artists that are keepin the art of music alive.

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