STOP! Drop and Listen to P. Casso’s Audio Art

For everyone outside of New York, you can get a pass if you don’t know this cat.  For everyone else, if you don’t know this dude, YOU SLIPPIN.  P. Casso’s the name and he’s down with the AOK Collective who pretty much have a kung fu grip on the underground hip hop scene in all the 5 Boros and outer lying areas.  His debut album is out NOW and it’s available for straight up purchase via his myspace, and also @ Juno Music.  The latest track to hit these internet skreets is:

P. Casso  – Thinkin’  A Lot

In the meantime, check out some behind the scenes footage for the Mr. Hollywood video which is dropping next Tuesday, along with our official album review.  Don’t say we never cared about you, these are underground gems right here, PAY ATTENTION!

P. Casso – Mr. Hollywood