Jean Grae @ Fat Beats

Dammit we missed it!!! Not only was the one and only Jean Grae at Fat Beats on Wednesday [12/10], but the homies 9th Wonder and Kweli were in the building as well. [Each of these individuals are a integral parts of why this site exists] It was a celebration bitches!– of the Limited Edition Jeanius Album. For those of you who haven’t picked it up yet, it’s: A. Must have for Jean fans. B. Must have for 9th fans. and C. Must have for hip hop fans period.

Fat beats was 150 heads deep, with 9th on 1s and 2s and Jean on the mic, it didn’t matter that the show was only 4 songs deep. Jean’s voice is so smooth; I’m sure that any acapella she threw down would’ve paused the crowd if only for a moment, added to the fact that it was an unheard verse.  I’ve met both 9th [@ my old office] and Jean [during CMJ week] and they’re both really cool, it didn’t surprise me to hear that they, [including Kweli] stayed and signed everyone’s album covers and stickers.

Oh and FYI– To prevent any confusion, there are four count, em four covers[including the wax]. I copped Japan because Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is easily top 3 of my all time favorites period and one of the most interesting album covers I’ve ever seen.  I will collect em all by the time I’m 50–it’s like jazz I tells ya!

Just to reminsce from back in May—-
Jean Grae – Love Thirst [prod. 9th Wonder]

Oh and if you still feenin’ for more Jean, don’t sleep on that Evil Jeanius joint either….