Mr. Hollywood in Brooklyn.

P. Casso – Mr. Hollywood, directed by Steven Tapia
Nice video, actually went with the song, so I can’t complain, big up to the store featured in the vid, I would shout em out, but, no one’s payin us to advertise–in time children…in time.

Download: P. Casso – Mr. Hollywood [prod. Earth Tone King/P Casso]

The video is finally here from the Buffalo raised [upstate stand up!], Brooklyn resident, P. Casso. We’ve heard this song performed pretty much all summer, it’s nice to put some visuals with it. A good wholesome Brooklyn video. Shout out to the director, the special effects add a great polished touch to it. Cameos from the AOK crew [Homeboy Sandman, Nola Darling, 2 Hungry Bros, Fresh Daily etc] I think Mazzi [S.O.U.L. Purpose] up in thereĀ  and Sucio Smash from Squeeze Radio. The album, For Your Consideration, is available now on his myspace and Juno. Check back for the official album review.

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  1. P.CASSO The Earth Tone King says:

    Now HERE is a blog that knows what’s up!!!! Thanks for the love!!!

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