Skillz – For Real (He Don’t Own Me)

Skillz – For Real (He Don’t Own Me) [prod. Bink]
Directed by: that dude Rik Cordero
Mandatory chick joint off of The Million Dollar Backpack

Download:   Skillz – For Real (He Don’t Own Me) [prod. Bink]
When it comes to Skillz, first thing that comes to mind is his infamous, yearly Rap Ups, [started in 2002] most of my heads refer to him as; “that dude who does the whole year in a song”.  For the rest of us he’s Skillz/Madd Skillz.  I got put on to round 98ish when Rawkus was goin hardbody… I think it was B-Boy Document….then he had the track about ghostwriting, which kind of annoyed me in way.  And to me it seemed like he could never get the whole album situation together [his first official album under the moniker Mad Skillz is running $20-$50 on amazon].

Earlier this year, talks of his latest album the Million Dollar Backpack was in place and the first track that leaked was Crazy World.  I do not like that song.  In fact, I hated it.  I said to myself why would this dude go and do that?  Luckily it was just a fluke track and the rest of the album doesn’t sound like that.  The Million Dollar Backpack is filled with gems like, So Far So Good ft. Talib Kweli and Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know ft. Freeway. It’s a great album, it’s been a long time coming.