Artist to Watch: Rahim Samad

Rahim Samad – On The Corner [prod. Rahim Samad]
Directed by: Jeff Osborne
This track samples, Love Put Me On The Corner, by the Isley Brothers, that was a great album.

Download: Rahim Samad – On The Corner [prod. Rahim Samad]

There’s always a silver lining to a day when you discover a new artist that you dig. Case in point, in our travels on these internet skreets, we came across this video for this cat Rahim Samad. “On The Corner” has everything I wanted in a song. Great rhymes, great beats, period. I was actually surprised to see all of the Tampa shots, but turns out he’s a NYC transplant down in Tampa.  “On The Corner” is actually from his old album, Freedom/Resurrection.

His his latest album, Travel Properly along with is previous release, Freedom/Resurrection is available for order on his myspace and Vault Classic.

Check the latest track, “John Horse” and video after the jump.

Rahim Samad – John Horse [prod. Rahim Samad and Funkghost]
**History lesson kiddies:  John Horse [it was Gopher John when I read about him, and i laughed a little in the back of my mind]  led what is believed to be the largest Slave Rebellion in the USA along with the Seminoles and Black Seminoles in Florida in the 1830’s; only learned about him when I did my 8 week biography report on Nat Turner back in the day…

Download: Rahim Samad – John Horse [prod. Rahim Samad and Funkghost]

If you like what you hear, go cop the album and support!