A little Late, But So Is Your Mom…

Skillz – 2008 Rap UP

So we just finished letting yall know about the Skillz’ infamous rap ups  and we ain’t even bother to cop the latest one.  It’s cool tho, we got it and we goin to give it to you like no one else, a list of who he get @:

Superbowl, [Giants/Patriots]

Marion Jones in jail

Dr. Dre Detox album and expensive ass headphones

Lil Wayne dro charge

Nas and the N Word @ the grammies

Neyo and R kelly Tour drama

50 Cent x Paris Hilton incident

Just for Laughs we got the rest of track’s news and ALL of the Rap Ups after the jump…

Game Went To Jail for 8 Days

Jojo collaspes and K-ci keep singing [SOO Funny but so sad]

Prodigy and Remy Ma in Jail

Raisin in the Sun on TV

-Wrestling- Mayweather vs. Big Show Nick x Mariah wedding

Jay-Z and Beyonce Wedding

Young Buck crying on phone with 50 [Gunit] hahaha

Ice T vs. Soulja Boy

Throwing Bottle @ KRS -One at a Stop the Violence Concert!?

Sean Bell verdict

50cent chain SNATCH in Angola

Lil Wayne diss Mixtape DJs

Suge Knight got knocked out

Lookin’ Boy Dudes one hit wonders

Dey Know by Shawty Low

50 cent vs. Rosci

50 baby mama fire

Rick Ross is Corrections Officer [still funny as hell]

Bow Wow loss @ Madden vs. Game

R. Kelly Not Guilty!!?

Wayne sold a milli in a week

Da Brat in Jail

Yung Berg chain

Will smith/ Puff annoying

Katt Williams crazy

McCain’s arms

Palin lookin at Russia

Kayne–Hard to fight paparazzi in skinny jeans!! [lol]

Nelly and Usher [weak sales]

Superhead pregnant

Pregnant man


Beyonce single ladies video



Black Athletes, OJ

Economy everywhere

Halle Berry’s baby

Keyshia Cole Show, Frankie!

T- Pain- audiovox/ Ron Browz

Bush- A-Shoe-sinated

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