Mayday- The Future Is Now

¡Mayday! – The Future Is Now
Directed/Edited by:  Wrekonize [a great addition to the band, did they even have a vid before this?]

Download: ¡Mayday! – The Future Is Now

¡MayDay! is a fuckin band! They like make their own music and stuff…crazy right?—-

BernBiz – Vocals
Wrekonize – Vocals
Plex Luthor – Keys / Producer
Primo – Bass
Gianni Cash – Percussion / DJ
L.T. Hopkins – Drums
They’re everything i wish El Pus woulda been [that’s  a burn! ha]….this video has got to be one of the best vids I’ve seen in the last 5 years or so. The genius that it is only rivals the likes of All Caps or Daytona 500 [it takes balls to even come close to that vid].

From what I understand, they already have an album out available on iTunes, but this track ain’t on it. To be honest this band stuck out in my head the most, not from their tracks with Cee-Lo and Devin Dude, but a track they had with “Killa Kela”. Why? Because one of my dearest homies goes by the same moniker, and I thought to myself, word Killa Kela on a track? lol, needless to say it wasn’t the same person…”The Future is Now”  is some new material so we’ll definitely keep yall updated, as we always do..

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