“I ain’t make ya front page or ya top 10, I’m not a hipster….”-Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa – Great 2 Be Here

Download: Wiz Khalifa – Great 2 Be Here

This is why I fux with this dude [pause].  I’m not the only one who got a problem with that damn top 10 cover.  There’s just certain artists who deserve to be on XXL and others who don’t.  But I also understand certain artists have bigger publicity budgets than others.  Regardless of how you feel about this kid, he spit raw. Wiz Khalifa has been on his grind for a minute and I believe he the only one repping Pittsburgh hardcore. I’ve been a hater since he’s been signed. [I guess Warner Bros. wasn’t willing to pay like SRC did for Asher hahaha!]

Maybe I’m a little too old, but when I listen to a track I don’t want to be reminded of my first 7th grade dance. [These kids out here don’t know nothing bout that.] Nevertheless, it doesn’t take away from classic tapes like Prince of the City, or Show and Prove. And “Great 2 Be Here” has restored my faith a lil bit..we’ll see…