Truly Trill


Mr. Fiasco has put LUPEND on hold for little awhile and decided to focus more on extracurricular activities such as his Label “1st and 15th” and his newly introduced clothing line, Trilly & Truly.  Lupe has been working on this line for quite some time and in the past few months it has finally come to fruition.  Trilly & Truly teamed up with Japanese brand Swagger, to combine influences from the fashion realm of Japan and Lupe’s tasteful eye for design.  No word yet on stateside release dates, but Trilly & Truly is already on the shelves in Japan.  Check out ChoiceIsYours to make a purchase, however you may want to hurry because the brand is in high demand.

One thought on “Truly Trill”

  1. hands down….lupe best in the game, next to hov of course

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