A little more info on that dude Print…

So I realize some of ya’ll been buzzin on these internet skreets…who dat dude who got all that underground elite on one track [Super Friends]???…. Well to answer your question, let me officially introduce you to Print… he’s getting ready drop his conceptual album, [the re-release of Comic Books] Comic Books Unlimited 2009 on some special edition ish==>

Print Presents: Comic Books Unlimited 2009 from Print on Vimeo
Artists…expressing themselves artistically?? How existential?

There’s a video for Super Friends coming real soon, can’t wait to see how this vid came out–they got all Making The Video on us…

Print Presents: Super Friends Behind the Scenes from Print on Vimeo.

TheOvun missed it but we were there in spirit like Nightcrawler, boro to boro!!!

Shout outs to the BX:   Fordham, Kingsbridge and Riverdale [ha]