DJ Shadow stamps his Sole On Reeboks…


Over the last few years there has been an increasing trend with major sneaker companies endorsing hip hop artists. From Jay-z getting his own Reebok sneaker awhile back to Lil’ Wayne being featured in the latest LeBron James Nike commercial. I guess those rappers were a little to unreliable because sneaker companies are now teaming up with DeeJays to produce limited edition sneakers, with Clark Kent customized Air Force 1’s and now DJ Shadow has teamed up with Reebok.

At first glance it seems to be a regular, classic Reebok sneaker, however, the back features the artwork from Shadow’s 1995 “What Does Your Soul Look Like” EP. Not only do these kicks come with a slip of authenticity, but they also include the Quannum Stone Cold Winter Volume 1 Mix CD, mixed by Matthew Africa. These limited editions dropped very recently, however, they are currently sold out.

That may be upsetting for you DJ Shadow lovers, but they may post more on his website and/or check Ebay because there is currently a size 10.5 for sale.

*Editors Note:  DJ Shadow is one of the illest crate diggers around, I  would expect a vintage, VINTAGE ass Reebok like  coming out his camp…Who cares, nice to see him get some shine.