Q-Tip – ManWomanBoogie

Q-Tip – ManWomanBoogie (feat. Amanda Diva) [prod. Q-Tip]
Directed by dat dude Rik Cordero
Hmm, Old skool concept ehh? Whenever you say “boogie” I think 70s?

Download: Q-Tip – ManWomanBoogie (feat. Amanda Diva) [prod. Q-Tip]

Another track from The Renaissance I wouldn’t have picked as a single. But hey, what can you do? Of course they pick the track with Amanda Diva. We not saying we don’t like her, but we’re not fans. She one of those artists who they like auto-associate. Example: If you like artist A then you must like artist B. Most of the time that is true. But when artist A [ie Lauryn Hill] has 1,000 times more talent then artist B [ie Amanda Diva] that’s when we have problems. We’re just sayin…we ain’t trying to knock no ones hustle.