An Introduction to THE LEAGUE

Artist: The League
Location: Long Island, NY [L Crooked I]
Styles: Streets, Realism, Aggressive, Gun Play, Witty, Insightful, Truthful, Gritty, Catchy, Ladies
Albums/Mixtapes On Deck: The L.I.R.R. Volume 3 – Colin Ferguson Files, The League Vs. The Industry, and The League: Draft Picks

It seems like the era of the rap group has been steadily disappearing over the past couple of years. Acts that started out as groups have dwindled to solo projects or disappeared from the radar. Although music history has proven it’s easier to go for self, artistically there can be strength in numbers to pick up the slack. The League is a rap group coming out of Long Island that’s given us hope in not only true hip hop in general, but also could come as a revival of the “Rap Group”.

The League consists of 4 dynamic members who each bring a strong uncanny uniqueness to the group. When TheOvun got a chance to sit down and talk with the League about their upcoming projects, Flip proved to be the most vocal in explaining what The League is all about:

Right now for upcoming artists, all that developing artists shit is dead. It’s been dead for a minute. If you’re not already developed coming with your own style, your own lyrics, like The League, your own gear like The League–we got our stamp. Ain’t no artist development to be had here, we ready to go…

The League – Drop Them Panties [prod. n/a]

And The League is Ready to go, with a Justo Mixtape Award under their belt coupled with extensive touring and radio airplay in the tri-state and beyond.  Pair that with their various mixtape appearances including their L.I.R.R. Volumes 1 and 2, they are well on their way.  Style wise, The League varies with the different styles its members contribute.  Flip not only plays an ambassador role during interviews, but on tracks he adds the vital harmonies and melodies  that take The League’s sound to the next level.  The sing-songy, and catchy hooks he provides give the League that polished sound  and a leg up against the competition.

Reem and Flix are the beasts of the group in two very different ways.  Slightly reminiscent of Cannibus’ baritone, Flix’ flow relies heavy on tone changes and clever word play. Reem spits aggressively on every track and makes his mark by getting his point across through intricate story telling and personal reflection. Merse [Murciélago] plays supporting role on a lot of the tracks but when it’s time for his verse, he commands your attention with his cutting words. You don’t hear him a lot, but when you hear him, you listen.  Musically, the majority of their material is original music.  Most notably they’ve worked with G-Unit’s Sha Money XL as well as Kay Slay.  Their beat selections are hard and melodic.  And their topics cover everything from block politics to love triangles to Malcolm X and MLK.

The League has a lot of upcoming projects including their highly anticipated mixtape album, The L.I.R.R. Volume 3 – Colin Ferguson Files. As well as The League ‘Draft Picks’. The ‘Draft Pick’s’ will be The League collaborating with some of today’s hottest up and coming artists on the rise, like Donny Goines, Sic Osyrus, Grafh and Skyzoo.

We’ll be sure to get that to ya’ll when it drops in the meantime, check out Vol2 in the sidebar or here.  And also Vol. 1 right here.  Below is the offical video for Beastin’ off of Vol. 2:

The League – Beastin [prod. Sha Money XL]

Download: The League – Beastin [prod. Sha Money XL]