MF DOOM – Ballskin [yes it’s what you’re thinking]


MF DOOM  – Ballskin

The second man responsible for the inception of this blog is also out with a new track.  As always when it comes to DOOM, the singles are his most watered down tracks [save the Madvillainy entire campaign] and the good shit is saved for you to discover on the album.  But the watered down shit is better than 100% of the shit that’s out here so I’ll take it with glee.  DOOM never fails us with his free association flow.  Tell me, who else can get away with rhyming about Ballskin?? Not even Del could pull it off.

No word on when the album, Born Like This, is dropping from Lex Records, but in the meantime, to hold you over till then, cop the John Robinson album, Who Is This Man, produced entirely by DOOM.  Technically it is 4 years old, but it was just released, Cop it here.