Mos Def ft. Fela Kuti – Quiet Dog

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The man responsible for the birth of this site has got another track floating on these INTERNET streets, most would say it is entitled “Quiet Dog”, but to the trained ear and after some investigation, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s called Quiet Dog [Bite Hard]. This joint is produced by Preservation. I don’t know much about them–very mysterious–but he/she/they are the same ones who gave the us the ever so soulful and funky Napoleon Dynamite track. “Quiet Dog’s” samba influenced beat is a refreshing and marks a happy medium between hardcore Black On Both Sides fans and The New Danger / Tru3 Magic Fans.

Mos Def – Quiet Dog [Bite Hard] [prod. Preservation]

Word on street is the album, The Ecstatic, is dropping February24th, but I’ll believe it when I see an official press release.

“Quiet Dog” starts off with an audio intro from the one and only Fela Kuti. It’s nice to see that Mos is coming at us with a new sound but has not forgotten where he started or who he admired.

A history lesson for ya’ll, the first track on Black on Both Sides, Fear Not of Man is pretty much an exact cover of Fear Not For Man by Fela Kuti. In fact, Mos has a lot of Kuti’s influences: rhythms/lines, sprinkled through out his catalog. For ya’ll who are just learning, Fela Kuti, was a genius. He’s most known for his composing and instrumentation but also as a political activist.

Never seen a bad ass like him in a long time. Google him and do some learning. Wonder why there hasn’t been a movie made about his life, it was definitely interesting? His music is timeless, although I remember my father telling me stories about how they used to jam to his music for hours. I can definitely see why.

And for ya’ll who have still missed it, check out this unofficial video for “Life In Marvelous Times” produced by Mr. Flash:
Props to 3600oMega

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  1. lol i like the reference to napoleon dynamite. mos def will always go hard…the beat however is alright. i wish there was some sort of a baseline

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