The Deal on Dope

Tabi Bonney – Rich Kids [prod. Ski and Apple Juice Kid]
Shot with a vintage 70’s camera–this vid is truly unique
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Download:  Tabi Bonney – Rich Kids [prod. Ski and Apple Juice Kid]

The latest release from Togo born,  DC – based rapper Tabi Bonney takes you on a musical world tour.  You never know what to expect from this eccentric MC but rest assured, you will always be pleasantly surprised and never bored.

Dope opens up  with the electro-funk laced  “Blow” [Arsonal] which serves as a melodic re-introduction to what Tabi’s all about–in case you forgot from A Fly Guy’s Theme. or Dope meet Fresh… “Some of ya’ll rent, but my crew owns–ain’t talkin bout cars bro, I’m talkin bout homes”.

If you’re not familiar Tabi Bonney, intially, his lazy flow can come off as pretentious diarrhea of the mouth.  But if you listen a little a closer, he’s spitting some hardcore game.  He’s only telling you what you need to hear, the general message behind most of his quotable would be along the lines of:  Don’t wait for someone to put you on–Go hard and put yourself on.

Simple life lessons we should all go by.  Along with designer threads, and lovely ladies–this work-for-self  motto is a reoccuring theme on Dope.

Only 9 tracks deep, Dope manages to keep your attention by throwing a lot of different sounds your way.  It’s a refreshing journey through a mash-up of genres and sounds, not straying too far from it’s Hip Hop base.  Dope will likely garner a new set of fans, but will not disappoint old followers from from his previous releases, it pushed the envelope within reason.  Classic bass lines are infused with complex melodies on tracks like “Go Hard”[Kokayi], “Duhh” [ Arsonal] , and ‘Kick Rocks” [Judah].  The reggae influenced Rich Kids [Ski and Apple Juice Kid] surprises you.  And he takes risks on the uptempo dance tune, “Radio” [Nesby Phips] and one of our favorites, the grime influenced “Rock Bammas” [Miss Fiyah]

Tabi Bonney – Rock Bammas ft. Haziq [prod. Miss Fiyah]

It’s hard to pick a stand out track on this album because they all hold their own so well.  You can cop dope on Tabi’s official site, or on iTunes.