The Empire aka Fifth Letter Fam

Coming Out of straight out of Toronto….

Empire – Impossible ft. Jay NY [prod. Amir da Terrorist]
Directed by:  The Sharpshooter

Download: The Empire ft. Jay NY – The Impossible [prod. Amir The Terrorist]

This is what it’s all about people–the underdog. Toronto based collective The Empire has been doing their thing on the indie level for quite awhile up North and have garnered a heavy following. They’re most known for their S.A.R.S [Sick Artists Runnin Shit] mixtape series.

Empire – Run Up In The Spot [prod. Rich Kid]

As with a lot of Canadian Hip Hop artists, The Empire exhibits the perfect blend of that classic Hip Hop sound fused with dancehall flavor.  The musical cousins work well together.  Each member brings their own sound to the group.  So who’s in  and whose out?–

To break down the situation for you–The Empire  collective is a group of talented MCs, producers and affiliates whose numbers have steadily grown since their official inception in 2003.  Word on these internet streets is that the homies Scandalis, Tek Man and Adam Bomb bogarted a freestyle session with Non Phixion while they were in Toronto and have been growing exponentially ever since.  Their rumored debut album GET IT is dropping indefinitely.  We will keep ya’ll updated on these cats—it’s refreshing to hear a group of cats continuing to keep Toronto Hip Hop alive [ no Degrassi].

The Empire – Nowhere [Prod. Firehouse Production]
*Loved the way they flipped Curtis Mayfield’s “We The People….”  Sample sound familiar?

Check out some of the artists of The Empire right now–


Roll Model aka Tek Man

Adam Bomb

Jimmy Grymez

Tha Rhyme Animal


Brovaz Grimm


King Friday aka Ricky Dred

Joe Kerr

Craven Morehead

Hustle Beats