Who You Laughing At?


Children of the Night [COTN] – Comedian [prod. Enndee]

The homies Children of the Night [COTN] are prepping another big project, so its only right we had to keep ya’ll posted. The trio of Lansky, Versa and Remy Banks come at you  with a slightly different sound on this one.  Produced by Enndee, it’s slightly more aggressive than their previous material which was extremley medlodic and smooth.  It’s nice to see them trying out a different sound callin all those whack acts out there…They got it; let’s see what they do with it…..

*Side note, the horns on this track remind me of Sweatshop Union’s “Oh My”

2 thoughts on “Who You Laughing At?”

  1. COTN is 100%!

  2. Dope track !

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