DOOM – BORN LIKE THIS….(Born like what?)


I don’t know why he aint MetalFace no more– but as with every musical savant a name change is bound to happen, especially a dude with over 8 alter egos already. The question is, is the new “DOOM” different from “MF DOOM” and who’s better?

DOOM is a lot like MF in many respects.  DOOM like MF has a lot to say and the free association flow is alive and kicking–however DOOM’s flow is a little more cohesive– on tracks like “Batty Boyz”, “Rap Ambush”, “Absolutely” and “Cellz”.  For the first time in a long time DOOM manages to not stray to far away and remains relatively on topic

DOOM – Gazzilion Ear [prod. J Dilla]

Rumored to be 7 years in the making a lot of tracks on the album are familiar to hardcore DOOM fans as a few of them have been floating around for years. “Anglez”, the infamous Ghostface and Doom collabo has found another home on wax.  [Side note:  Where the fuck is that Ghost/DOOM collabo? While we’re on the topic– I’m putting in my ballot for the SuperGroup:  DOOM, Ghostface and Sean Price].  Some may argue this is a heavy collabo record but guests:  Raekwon, Ghostface, Slug, Mobonix, Kurious [Jorge] and Empress Stahhr Tha FEMCEE [We like her other features, wasn’t feeling her track on this album, where Apani B at?]  were strategically placed as with most DOOM records.  Charles Bukowski was the most surprising (or not surprising?) guest.  A spoken word of Dinasauria (we) eerily describes a not too distant future (2012 anyone?), that seems to be the perfect match for DOOM’s Doomsday prophecies.  This was our favorite track on the album by far:

DOOM – Cellz [ft. Charles Bukowski] [prod. DOOM]

The beats remain in complex simplicity with DOOM as the primary beatsmith with help from Mr. Chop, Madlib, Jake One and J Dilla.

So how this album rank in the Doom collection? In DOOM terms  its equal to or slightly greater than Operation Doomsday. Take it for what its worth- this album will steady be on repeat through the summer not only because its dope, but also because the last track flows into the first track– Villainy!!!!

Editor’s Note: Epiphany!! I think I know why he isn’t [METAL FACE] MF DOOM on this album. After the 12th time listening to the album, Born Like This–primarily coupled with “Cellz” track, you can interperate that he’s alluding to the fact that if society and the earth will reset itself; then, we as humans will go back to the start.  In the beginning of things, Metal was not used by humans, which is why on the cover of the album, his mask is stone. –I SWEAR it ain’t easy!