Mike Schiptz aka LoveJones hits us up with 2 MORE joints off of Sunday Drive


So LoveJones hits us off with 2 MORE joints off of the upcoming Sunday Drive album.  I don’t know about ya’ll but we’re ready for this album– We can’t wait to hear how all these tracks fit together.


This is gonna be a summer joint for sure–

Mike Schiptz aka Love Jones – Sunday Drive Midnight Mix[prod. Phys Edison]
This song is ridiculous right here….

As Sunday Drive comes to a close, LoveJones aka Mike Schpitz’ reflects on his time spent alone, cruising the streets of Chicago, Illinois in an American classic Cadillac.  One of the last songs on the album, Sunday Drive Midnight Mix, offers a smooth instrumental provided by Phys Edison and lyrics that bring Sunday Drive, the album, full circle.  As the sun goes down, Jones takes every second to observe the streets of Chicago and incorporate his observations and connect them in his own rhymes.  With a CD player full of music and a couple of beers to accompany the final drive of the day, Jones takes his time to enjoy the last hours Sunday has to offer before getting lost in another work week.  Sucka MCs is a track where Phys Edison reworks a classic A Tribe Called Quest beat and Jones’ takes his shots at his opponents.  Sucka MCs is an effortless mix of smooth, classic hip hop with witty, fun yet aggressive lyrics.  Jones’ playful and confident approach on the microphone compliments Phys Edison’s instrumental perfectly.

Mike Schiptz aka LoveJones – Sucka MCs [prod. Phys Edison]

This album is gonna be so effin SMOOVE….. Smoove as Eggs! (c) D.  Chappelle.