An Interview with Print


If you were one of the thousands to download Print’s [AOK, Good Day, Good Night] Comic Books: Unlimited album from that other site in the sidebar, you probably have listened to it, more than once; and you probably have a lot of questions about the man behind the “S” and the cape.

Well was able to grab an exclusive interview with Man of Steele himself, to break down the whole Print movement, who is Good Day Good Night, how he got in the game, and what he plans on doing with it. We wouldn’t be TheOvun if we didn’t add a little twist to the interview. So for all you real Comic Book heads we picked his brain on some comic-related topics–without further ado:

TheOvun:      For those who don’t know, can you break down the whole Print vs. Good Day, Good Night situation.  Who is in the band, where can we find your stuff, etcetera, etcetera?

Print:              I had a band, my first band we broke up.  I find that it’s so hard to keep bands together–so basically no matter who is playing, I am the band.  What I do is that I have a group of artists/musicians that I play with all the time, but no matter who’s playing, it’s always going to be, Print of Good Day, Good Night.

TheOvun:      Ahh, I gotcha, on some Print Presents:  Good Day, Good Night;, Print of Good Day, Good Night,  like Prince and the Revolution!

Print:              Exactly, so whatever happens to the “band”, I play the instruments, I know the notes…

TheOvun:      So, do you also produce?

Print:              When I produce, it’s always live.  When I produce, I say I want the drums to play in a count of 3, I want this to come in here.  Most of the time I perform with a live band, so that’s how I operate.

The Ovun:      What instruments do you play?

Print:              I know the drums, a little bit of guitar and I’m teaching myself the keyboard.

TheOvun:      Okay cool, so let’s break it down, Comic Books!  Comic Books Unlimited, how was it conceptualized, and why Comic Books at all?

Print:              To keep it real funky, Comic Books came into play because I just wanted to do it for myself.  I came back from London with my boy Outasight and I was like I wanna do something fun for myself, just to keep my skills tight.  I dropped the original Comic Books back in March 08, nobody heard it—well some people heard it, and they were telling me, Comic Books is dope, you need to redo it and you need to do it right, other than that, I’m a fan of Comic Books in general so it was only right.

TheOvun:      Okay, so where did this dude Print come from?  Where did your get your start?

Print:              I started performing in 2005, professionally. My first show I opened up for Young Jeeezy and Juelz Santana and it was my first performance ever–never been on stage at all.

TheOvun:      Crazy! Now how did that come about?

Print:              Well, my brother does campus activities for colleges, so basically he was like, wherever I’m going you’re going to open up.  It’s crazy because I was rockin shows all over the country and across the seas to you know, 20,000+ crowds of students, it was weird for me to come back home, and rock smaller venues like the Knitting factory.

TheOvun:      That’s ridiculous, so for anyone who may have it misconstrued, what is the whole Print movement about?

Print:              You ever heard of Buddy Lee?  Lee Jeans?   The marketing campaign was “regular jeans for regular guys.”  So it’s ‘regular music for regular people’.  That’s why it’s such a good listen.  It’s easy, a good listen, it’s really really good music. But it’s so that–you’re going to work, or going wherever you’re going and you don’t wanna listen to some saturated convoluted music-you want something that’s good. So it’s a great album, a great listen and that’s pretty much it.

TheOvun:      It IS a good album, definitely a repeat joint. So shoutouts, grievances??

Print:              First off- Shout out to Outasight,  AOK collective:  Fresh Daily, Sandman, 8thw1, Nola Darling.  Mickey Factz, GFC-NY, pretty much everyone whose worked on this album with me.  Shoutin’ em all out.



TheOvun:      DC or Marvel?

Print:              Marvel all the way.  Even though I am Superman on the album, DC is just hard to follow they have a lot of different stories going on, so I like Marvel.

TheOvun:      If you were a Comic book character, which fictional city or planet would you live on/in and why?

Print:              Something that’s close to now, I’m Brooklyn born and bred, so like Gotham, Metropolis, or the Xavier Institute, something more or less New York based.

TheOvun:      Million dollar question—What powers would you want and why?

Print:              Initially when I wanted my own powers, it’d have to be super strength and telekinesis.  Uhh better yet add telepathy to that too.  Yeah, so that covers all ya basis.. you’d be good.

TheOvun:      So if you were a character, what would be the one nemesis that would kick yo ass so bad, there’d have to be a Part 2 or a continuation?

Print:              I think his name was Legion?  Professor Xavier’s son?  Yeah that dude, was kinda crazy.

TheOvun:      Stan Lee or Frank Miller

Print:              I like Frank Miller.  But of course Stan Lee does his thing.  They both do two different things, Frank takes it to that dark, grimey place, and Stan Lee is on that old school happy-happy joy-joy.

TheOvun:      Aiight last question, to validate your Comic Book card—the best or most memorable Comic Book ads you’ve seen…

Print:              Wooow, I got you–Remember the old comic books that were made of like newspaper?  I’d have to say the old Dungeons and Dragon’s ad in the middle of like every one—it had a Red Dragon on the front, it was on some weird shit, but it was dope.