DUB MD x Cyrano, aka Cy Yung – Madicinal Libations

me·dic·i·nal: A preparation or product having the properties of a medicine.
li·ba·tion: The pouring of a liquid offering as a religious ritual.
(word on the internet skreets is that Stones Throw and them are ‘upset’ and ‘distressed’ over this release, which explains why we had a hard time downloading the original link.  If they swoop down on us, check the Russian Alternative link–enjoy]

The one thing that I respect about the homie Dub MD is that his mixtape titles are so undoubtedly English–he keeps my syllable game up..  Dub MD’s latest installment is from North Carolina’s own Cyrano [Cy Yung] is entitled “Madicinal Libations”:

Track list and Spotlights after the JUMP—

01.) Pacification (Produced By Madlib & Mamao)
02.) Mongrels (Produced By Quasimoto)
03.) Da Boom (Produced By Quasimoto)
04.) Delusions Of Slander (feat. Naturel) (Produced By Madlib)

05.) SONAR (Produced By Madlib)
06.) Forcefeel (feat. SiLent Knight) (Produced By Madlib)
07.) Madagascar (Produced By Quasimoto)
08.) How You Feel (feat. Access Immortal) (Produced By Quasimoto)
09.) Montego Bay (feat. Ill Poetic)
(Produced By Madlib & Mamao)
10.) O.K. Corral (Produced By Madlib)
11.) P.A.T.O.I.S. (feat. Wordsmith & Junclassic) (Produced By Madlib)
12.) Red Bird (Produced By Madlib)
13.) Vowel Movements (Produced By Madlib)
(Produced By Madlib)

15.) Goin’ Back To El Segundo (feat. Dominque Larue) (Produced By Madlib)
16.) A Hard Drive
(Produced By Madlib)
17.) Aftershox (feat. Zero Star) (Produced By Madlib & Mamao)
18.) Bing Chaireez (feat. Junclassic) (Produced By Madlib)
19.) Bolsheviks (Produced By Jaylib)

20.) C.Y.I.D.I.T.C.
(Produced By Quasimoto)

Cyrano has been quiet on the radar these past couple of years, but if you ain’t know, check out his past 3 albums, Back 2 Lyfe (produced by Centric for Free At Last Music Group) and Soul Train Dancer: A Tribute To Rosie Perez (produced by JSLIKK for Backpackers Anonymous Music Group) along with SOBEIT (produced by Kid Hum for House Of Waxx Recordings)

In addition to all that Dub MD with be connecting once again with Detroit emcee Nametag for Classic Cadence Vol. 2 and once again with the diabolical genius that is Illmind for Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. 3 in the next couple of months, stay tuned!