P. Casso – Best In Show, for your consideration.

P. Casso – Best In Show ft. Von Pea and Homeboy Sandman [prod. Deep of 2 Hungry Bros]
Directed by: P. Casso and SurealPhobia

Download:  P. Casso – Best In Show ft. Von Pea and Homeboy Sandman [prod. Deep of 2 Hungry Bros]

If you haven’t picked up P. Casso’s debut album,  For Your Consideration let me make up your mind, travel with me…….

For Your Consideration is a cohesive blend of different sounds and moods…It starts off like a Saturday night; the sun is almost going down and you’re getting ready to go out. You turn on your CD player or your mp3 hooked up to your speakers and you get ready for the night.  The title track, “For Your Consideration” is blasting as you pull out your clothes, sneakers and fitted [gotta make sure the gear is right].  The horns flow the through the room, and P. Casso’s flow is aggressive yet stable, “We should rush the government for every cent they owe us!”; you chant along with the [8thW1?] sample…”Live Like Gods, Fuck like Animals!”

“Mr. Hollywood”, P. Casso’s ironic bravado track is blasting while you’re in the shower.  “Best In Show” with it’s aggressive horns and bass line, is your soundtrack when you leave the house.  Your sneakers stomp the cracked concrete beneath you.  You’re on the move and walking to the train, it’s a recession!– You leave the whip at home.  But where are you going tonight?

“SIMSIMSALLABIM” featuring Fresh Daily is a dark electro-infused track while you’re riding the train underground…but where are you going?

You’re going to a have dinner at a lounge with a shorty you trying to get at [yeah you’ll play the friend for a little while].  Ya’ll sitting there listening to “Stress”on a mellow groove tip, with just enough bass to get up from yall table and 2-step if you want.  The dinner is over and ya’ll heading over to a friends crib who is having a little get together, yall taking a cab over there listeing to “Thinking Alot”, the eerie sample seems to dance with the street lights as they buzz by…..

You get out the cab and you and ya homies chill outside for a minute and spark a L, “What Ya Gonna Do featuring Rhyson Hall and Education” is playing, it’s a smokable track with a nice blend of soul and electronic influences produced by Eturnal… Ya’ll still outside cause  that crazy dude ManMan just showed up with some more goodgood and the boom bap of “Do You Wanna Come Home?” plays in the background.  Yall head in the crib where it is poppin off and they’re  blasting “One of These Nights” and that bassline, produced by Education is sounding crazy on the speakers.  After awhile, the party is winding down and you head out.

You’re walking home cause you’re not that far.. the streets are quiet, cars move slowly and the dro got you a little paranoid.  Listening to “Ghost Story” produced by DJ Spinna, is not helping you get sane either….  You finally get home and as you get ready to hit the bed….your soundtrack?–“I Gotta Be Me”.   The bass line is strong and the piano compliments it well while P. Casso laments on his life and experiences and what he’s seen–in the process, championing you and your life…. For Your Consideration.